How to become a better evangelist

We talk about what we love. It just pours out of us. And when we really love something, when we’re obsessed with something, we battle to make others see the value of it as well.

Think about people who love Apple products. They will talk about how intuitive they are, how nice they feel in the hand. They’ll look over at your Samsung and say “Does it keep crashing? You really ought to try this…it’s made my life simpler and it’s reliable.”

When you love something dearly, you look at others that don’t and feel their life is missing something.

Out of love for whatever it may be, you instinctively find ways of helping others discover it. Sharing it is an expression of how much you love it.

We all get this. We all experience it. It’s our love for the thing, our own satisfaction in it, and our own sense of life being better with it, that carries us into conversations to contend for it in other people’s lives.

And it’s the same with the gospel! Of course it is! Because the reason we have this capacity to obsess and talk about our obsessions is because we were made to obsessively love God and love others by having that love for God spill over into daily proclamation.

If Christ is our life, it won’t be long before our friends hear about it…because we will be telling them about it.

So actually the best way of becoming a better evangelist is by growing in your love for Christ. That is the beginning of dismantling the roadblock that stands in the way of evangelism in your life.

You can’t stop an obsessive talking about what they love. They jump at any opportunity. No matter how skilled they might be in communicating it, they have a go and as they talk more they exercise and experience their love for their obsession more.

Love for Jesus will spill over into evangelism and evangelism itself will exercise our love for Christ. That in turn leads to us worshipping him more…no matter how well it goes! And that will spill over into more evangelism.

Why don’t you make it a specific prayer for the coming month that a growing love for Christ will lead to an evangelism addiction in your life.

Want to find out more? Our course ‘Evangelism‘ will help you learn how to share the gospel in everyday life with friends and neighbours. The course teaches the importance of church community in evangelism and making the gospel message relevant in everyday life. If our heads and our hearts are full of Jesus, then our conversations about him will flow out naturally. See more here.




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