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The Bible in Missional Perspective

The course teaches you how to read the Bible as the story of God’s mission to redeem a people for himself in and through Jesus. It will encourage you to understand both your place and your role in the story among God’s people in the world for the glory of God. 

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what you get

  • Access to an online ebook plus version of the course for 12 months

The Bible is the story of God's plan and purpose to redeem a people for himself. This is how God wants to be known. This course will teach you to understand how the Bible fits together around this theme. It will show you how Jesus fulfills God's salvation plan and how we fit into God's purposes as the Church. The course will introduce you to biblical theology in a way that will reshape your life around the gospel.

Course Overview

  • Unit 1. How we know and what we know
Unit 2. The encapsulating vision - the end justifies the means
  • Unit 3. The final revelation - the man
Unit 4. The story begins - creation
Unit 5. The plot thickens - fall and fall out
Unit 6. The characters revealed - one man and a people
Unit 7. The method established - a people
Unit 8. Failure and remedy - one man for a people
Unit 9. The story continues - a people

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