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Porterbrook Seminary

Endorsements for the Acts 29 Oak Hill Academy Seminary

What people are saying about our seminary programs.

Andrew Baughen, Vicar of St James Clerkenwell
“What I love about the Seminary course is that those teaching continue to be thoroughly immersed in planting and growing churches. Deep theology is firmly integrated with wise practice.”

Graham Beynon, Director of TEAM (Training for East Anglia Ministry) and Associate Pastor, Eden Baptist Church, Cambridge
“There is a desperate need for training that is academically rigorous but church-focussed, practically-oriented but theologically-thorough; and also a need for that training to be learning in community but easily accessible for those already in ministry. I am very glad that the Seminary course meets this great need and am pleased to commend it.”

Jason Clarke, UCCF Director of Training
“Over the years we have had staff who have benefitted enormously from the training at the Seminary. Led by gospel ministers with considerable experience, the Seminary provides excellent courses that will stretch and equip gospel ministers in a variety of mission contexts.”

John Coffey, Professor of Early Modern History, University of Leicester
“Seminary is an exciting and strategic initiative. Led by respected Christian thinkers and church planters, it offers holistic training that is both practically oriented and intellectually stretching.”

Matt Hatch, Mosaic Church, Leeds, and Newfrontiers Church Plant Task Force Leader
“For busy church leaders seeking first class theological training that can be immediately applied to life and ministry, I would highly recommend Seminary.”

Marcus Honeysett, Director of Living Leadership
“Seminary is a vibrant learning environment for leaders. Biblical, missional and strongly rooted in the life of the local church, Seminary provides cost-effective training and access to world-class leaders and trainers. Rather than training leaders away from the local church, Porterbrook is breaking new ground by bringing high quality theological training and leadership development right into the heart of local church leadership. Every church in Britain would be strengthened by their leaders being involved. I am delighted to support Porterbrook wholeheartedly in this task.”

Dr Michael P Jensen, Lecturer in Doctrine, Moore Theological College, Sydney, Australia
“Seminary offers an outstanding model of rigorous theological reflection for ministry and mission. The integrated programme ensures students connect profound biblical truth with the complexities of experience. The course should be the envy of many more established colleges.”

Mark Meynell, Senior Associate Minister, All Souls, Langham Place
“It’s been very exciting to see how Porterbrook Seminary has evolved over the years into its present form. It uniquely combines a passionate commitment to theological truth with practical missional experience, and so I thoroughly recommend it.”

Michael Reeves, Theologian-at-Large, Wales Evangelical School of Theology
“Today there is a desperate, crying need for just what Seminary is offering: quality, affordable, ministry-based learning and training. Father, please bless it!”

What Students Say

“It’s hard to imagine how part-time theological study could get any better!”

“Seminary has been the perfect solution for me. I'm an elder and wanted to continue to learn and grow in my study of the Bible, but could only spare 1-2 days to do it. Seminary is brilliant because it is cheap (as chips). It's flexible and tailored to your needs while also giving you good breadth and depth. It very much puts into practice what John Stott called 'double listening' since everything I learn about I automatically apply to my context, my congregation and my mission field. On top of that I have not only learned lots, I have also 'learned how to learn' since I have developed reading, discussion and reflective skills that will stand me in good stead for a lifetime of learning. I cannot recommend Seminary more highly.”

“Working in a very activist student ministry environment, I’ve found it very hard to prioritise the 'important but not urgent' of stretching one’s theological thinking. Seminary has been so useful on many levels. It caters for many different learning styles, it covers a range of biblical and theological issues and the 'plug and play' nature of many of the assignments means that I can use them straight away in my ministry context. It’s also enabled me to help my own staff in their theological and pastoral development.”

“If I’d set out to design a training programme ideally suited for me it would be Seminary.”

“Seminary has been extremely useful, teaching us to do theology in the context of local church ministry and giving us the solid foundations we need.”

“Seminary was the perfect solution to my situation. I was co-leading a local church and working part-time so I wasn’t in a position to take three years out for Bible college. I needed a flexible approach to study and Porterbrook Seminary was the answer!”

“Seminary is both rigorous and practical in its study of theology – a safe forum to explore theological ideas and test assumptions under the authority of Scripture.”

“Seminary has helped us gain a sound biblical theological understanding, but also left us room to reflect at some length on theological issues pertinent to our own current and future ministry situations.”

“The seminar days and residentials have been especially helpful: great fun as well as great learning, and real times of sharpening one another as iron sharpens iron.”

“Superb value for money!” 

“Seminary has been a real blessing. Everything we study is directly applicable to the world we are involved with in the church.”

“I’d recommend Seminary to anyone.”

“The monthly seminar days have been invaluable to my learning and applying learning to my context. I have very much enjoyed learning alongside fellow practitioners. Seminary is great!”