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Attendance at a Learning Site allows you to engage with other churches and ministry contexts.

Learn Locally

Set up or join a Study Group. Study with friends in church, small groups, cafes, and work places or in your own home.

Connect Regionally

Connect through Learning Sites. Learn from keynote speakers and share learning with others through regular conferences at your regional Learning Site.

Study Commitment

  • 3 hours a week
  • 4 courses a term
  • 3 terms a year
  • 4 conference days a year
  • Presentation of short unassessed assignments in tutorials at conference days
  • Attendance at local Study Group meetings
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Learning Sites are regional locations where students from all over your region will gather for an introduction day followed by regular conference days, to learn together, share work and hear from keynote speakers applying the gospel to everyday life. Attendance at a Learning Site allows you to engage with other churches and ministry contexts.

Find a Learning Site


Studying as part of a Learning Site

The program is straightforward: students take 24 courses over 2 years. Each year is broken down into 3 terms (Fall, Winter & Spring with Summers off). Students cover 4 modules per term with quarterly Conference Days to create a learning community and provide support. All of this training happens as students gather regularly together to share learning in the context of biblical community. The result is Christians equipped for discipleship, mission and church planting through the local church.




When you have signed up to a Learning Site you will be organised into local Study Groups to learn together, discuss, and share ideas along the way between conference days.

Study groups can be:

  • home groups in your local church
  • staff teams
  • church planting core groups
  • groups of friends who want to study together.

Study Groups can run however you like. You can meet weekly, fortnightly or monthly. A Study Group could be as informal as a reading group in a cafe or could run as a formal seminar group. The aim is to encourage learning together in your context.

Attending a Study Group allows you the local flexibility to shape learning as you would like or build the course into your current programs and structures.

We have Learning Sites all over the world. Click on the map above to find one near you. We are currently updating this map to add new Learning Sites, so if you don't see one near you please e-mail for information.

Contact us if you would like to start a Porterbrook Learning Site in your region.