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"I want to develop leaders who can create a culture of mission and discipleship in my church"

Train a core group or leadership team with a selection of courses at your own pace, or establish a Learning Site and teach through the entire curriculum in two years. 

Our short courses are great for busy elders and leadership teams. Invest in your team by enrolling each of them into an online porterbrook course

Start a Learning Site

We partner with churches to provide affordable and dynamic training to equip believers and raise up leaders for missional living and church planting.

You can select from the range of Online courses to create an In-House Training Strategy for your church that will produce gospel centred men and women to serve in the local church, lead ministries, and plant churches.

Or you can set up a Learning Site to study through the online courses in two years, and create a local theological training strategy in your church. 

  • grow the godly character of the leadership
  • improve their handling of the bible
  • deepen their theology
  • develop their pasotroal care skills and understanding
  • forge and implement a gospel vision for your church, together!

Get started

In-House Training Strategy

Perhaps you have a small church or a church planting core group. Our foundation-level Learning course is a flexible curriculum that is ideal for laying down a missional DNA in your church and leadership team at a pace that is suitable to your context.

You can use the courses in any order and over any period of time to build your own training program. We recommend you start by leading your group through the first course in each stream. This will lay down a biblical and missional foundation that will set the direction of your church or church plant. Some churches choose to take a year to go through the first four courses. After that they choose from the remaining courses to further develop a missional cultural. 

If you are interested, contact us for information on enrolling churches and groups.

What is a Learning Site?


Learning Site is a church that leads students through the online courses with partner churches in a local area. They take seriously, the call to raise up leaders and to partner in training with others. Churches that train together create a regional strategy for developing ministry, deepening theological education and church planting. 

Using the online courses in a Learning Site

The program is straightforward: students take 24 courses over 2 years. Each year is broken down into 3 terms (Fall, Winter & Spring with Summers off). Students cover 4 modules per term with quarterly Conference Days to create a learning community and provide support. All of this training happens as students gather regularly together to share learning in the context of biblical community. The result is Christians equipped for discipleship, mission and church planting through the local church.




Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits for my church?

  • A clear and consistent system for theological training
  • Support from Porterbrook as you grow and expand
  • Raise up strong Christian leaders in your church to advance the gospel and mission
  • Flexible training that enables you to inject your church’s DNA, vision, and language into your leaders as they receive holistic development
  • Partnership with other kingdom minded churches to take part in seeing the gospel expand to your community and around the globe
  • Multiply your church by training new pastors that are qualified to plant new churches

How much does it cost for each student?

Students pay two fees:

  • Learning Site Fees are set by each local site to cover the costs of administering and hosting the learning site. In general, fees vary from $200-600 per year
  • Curriculum Fees are from $30-$50 per course - but students who go through the entire 24 course program receive a discount. It can cost as little as $360 per student per year for access to the online courses (approximately £225).

How do I know if launching a Learning Site would work for my church?

If you have a passion for gospel centered ministry, are committed to multiplying leaders in your local church, have a vision for reaching your community, and are looking ways to lock arms with like minded churches in your area then Porterbrook would be a great fit for your church. Through many years of experience we have seen that Learning Sites best thrive when they are launched with a minimum of 20 students and 2 participating churches.

How do I get started?

Contact us if you would like to start a Learning Site.